As I’ve argued throughout this blog series, the relationship center has exciting potential to be the command center of the digital banking customer experience. Banks can create momentum for change by taking three fundamental steps:

Reimagine the workforce. Banks must recalibrate their talent strategy. This starts with determining the gap between current and future skills—problem solving, analytical thinking, sales, interpersonal and communications skills—and developing a talent strategy to close it.

This talent strategy must move away from a binary view of human and robot work and account for the evolution of humans and machines working together. Banks will not have the choice of using one or the other. A workforce that integrates man and machine demands an integrated talent strategy.

Break free from rigid architectures. Banks must rethink their legacy business and technology architectures. This can be challenging due to an acquisitions and consolidation climate that has left complex infrastructures in its wake. Even so, banks can make headway by decoupling the architectures so that the data layer is exposed, not buried within inflexible systems.

This is a technology modernization initiative that can be done in multiple steps. Quick wins include linking checking account and credit card information for more visibility into customers purchase patterns and the ability for one employee to help a customer across products.

Rethink what success looks like. With the right talent strategy and supporting platform, banks must then adapt traditional contact center metrics. Instead of measuring compliance, churn and efficiency, banks must quantify, evaluate and reward empathy, customer experience quality, continuous improvement and revenue creation. The key is to move from operating like a factory with production pressure to making customer experience a strategic imperative.

Becoming a digital bank means infusing digital into every facet of the institution. The digital banking relationship center is at the heart of it all. It is the place where tomorrow’s banking customer relationships thrive and grow—where the strategic combination of human empathetic advisors, platforms and intelligent automation forever change the future of work.

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