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OCC Issues Bank Supervision Operating Plan for Fiscal 2022

On October 15th, 2021, the Office of Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) released its bank supervision operating plan for fiscal year (FY) 2022. The plan provides the foundation for policy initiatives and supervisory strategies for national banks, Federal savings associations, federal branches,…

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ESG Centers of Excellence: Empowering companies to become industry leaders in regulatory compliance

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) regulations are emerging with speed and force, both within the United States and globally.  Indeed, as we highlighted in Accenture’s 2021 Global Risk Management Study, 77% of risk leaders believe that complex, interconnected risks are emerging at a…

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Client Lifecycle Management: Building the Foundation for ESG Risk Management

Many financial institutions around the globe have committed to fight climate change by setting ambitious goals in the near and long-term future and working to embed the management of ESG risks into their risk management organizations. For example, Bank of America has…

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Surge in antitrust activity should keep compliance teams on alert

A brief scan of the regulatory horizon will reveal an ongoing trend of anti-trust legislation, particularly targeting big tech firms among others.  In addition to enforcement of existing international, national, and state regulations, a slew of new bills are in the pipeline. …

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The human-centric empowerment of AI

While many point to regulation as the way to manage and control AI risks, we, as individuals and firms, make decisions on the middle ground in which AI should play. Where we should leverage AI, and where we should not. Playing at…

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The evolution, methods, and mitigation of Ransomware

It’s the year 1989, and unbeknownst to everyone – an evolutionary biologist, Joseph Popp, utilized the AIDS epidemic as a ruse to create the world’s first piece of ransomware. Joseph Popp crafted a computer-based survey, the AIDS trojan, to help researchers assess…

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Navigating the challenges of AI

Every firm is faced with the AI conundrum – how much and how fast to innovate while being able to still manage the risks. Firms should neither shy away from AI, nor jump into the space blinded. Accenture’s recent “Global Risk Management…

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Mandatory ESG Disclosure Rules are Coming

If you have paid any attention to the financial regulatory priorities of the Biden-Harris Administration, you know that U.S. regulators are keenly focused on environmental, social and governance (ESG) disclosures in public company filings.  Specifically, in May 2021, the Biden Administration issued…

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AI Regulatory Journey

The EU has led the charge in the increase of regulatory focus on AI. EU legislation has focused on promoting trustworthy AI while remaining committed to innovation and competition. Legislation points to a risk-based approach and “algorithmic impact assessments”, with sector and…

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Crypto in FinCrime: Demystifying Your Exposure

Cryptocurrency, or crypto, has overtaken the news throughout 2021 to date. Whether it be Bitcoin’s $60,000 price tag and subsequent fall, the rise of a coin based on a DOGE 1 meme, or a crypto service provider’s (CSP) IPO; it is apparent…

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