Financial services firms are under increasingly intense pressure to innovate―and innovate faster. Industry disruptors are pushing the digital envelope and capitalizing on technology in all kinds of creative ways.

If you want your firm to remain competitive, you’re going to have to deliver more robust services, with greater flexibility, in less time and with fewer resources. How? By taking a dramatically different approach and transforming your core business operating environment into an Everything-as-a-Service model. In this four-part blog series, I’ll explain what this means and how to do it.

What’s driving greater business success?

Success in today’s digital world is no longer about the number of people it takes to run repetitive, commodity-driven transaction processing. It’s about leveraging technology to effectively and efficiently deliver on business results and drive the business outcomes you want and need. Digital capabilities are pivotal in accelerating a necessary shift to more intelligent operations.

By weaving smart technology into core business services, you can unlock actionable insights, digitize and automate processes and deliver everything as a service. This is an important area where Accenture can help financial services firms strengthen their operating model and create greater business value.

“We’re leading a shift from focusing on the number of people it takes to run repetitive, commodity-driven transaction processing to value-based engagements focused on business outcomes, delivered as a service.” Jack Sepple, Group Technology Office Accenture Operations

Intelligent technology

By applying technology intelligently, we allow firms to plug into our business services―where digital insights, digital processes, a digital platform and a digital ecosystem help them out maneuver competitors. Firms can start small, scale quickly and pay for what they use.

Best of all, they get results quickly.

I’ll share more details about accelerating your Everything-as-a-Service journey in my next post.

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