The Efma-Accenture Distribution and Marketing Innovation Awards give the industry the opportunity to evaluate and celebrate the most interesting and disruptive banking innovations. As we begin to prepare for the 2017 awards later this year, we’re looking back on the winners from last year.

Like all businesses, banks are fundamentally about making customers happy. But making customers happy is only possible with high-performing employees. That insight lead Russia’s Sberbank to develop its Smart Management System (SMS).

SMS is an innovative performance management tool that helps employees improve their performance with less managerial oversight. It tracks employees, assigns tasks, identifies strengths and provides customized feedback on improvement.

Since its launch, SMS has allowed Sberbank to reduce the number of managers in the system by 50 percent. Sberbank employees, equipped with useful feedback and not overwhelmed with managerial attention, are doing better work—operational quality improved by one third following the launch of SMS. SMS is also self-teaching, so the accuracy of its recommendations will improve over time.

For developing and deploying a tool that boosts performance and helps maintain focus on the customer, Sberbank won the 2016 Efma-Accenture D&M Award for Salesforce Change Management. See an interview with Sberbank’s Alexander Torbahov:

Come back when I’ll go over another winner from the 2016 awards. In the meantime, learn more about last year’s winners.

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