In parts one and two of my series on the intelligent business cloud, I looked at the current status of companies on their way toward becoming a true digital business, and at how such a business is characterized. In this third and final part, I will provide some suggestions for steps that businesses can take right now to get ready for the intelligent business cloud in our evolving “New IT” landscape.

The intelligent business cloud is focused on outcomes. As a business asset, it connects all the capabilities that an organization needs to become an intelligent digital business. In effect, it’s the connective tissue that ties together the intelligent infrastructure, intelligent applications, intelligent data, and intelligent business processes.

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Source: Realizing the potential of intelligent business cloud, Accenture, 2015. Access at:


So, what can Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and business executives do now to get ready for these new capabilities? There’s an arms-length list of to-dos, for sure, but four points jump out right away:

  • Get cloud religion: This means seeing cloud computing as the basis for the company’s intelligent digital business foundation from this day forward, and thinking in terms of everything as a service.
  • Re-architect applications with a “cloud first” mindset: This calls for new applications to be designed for the cloud, leveraging the elastic and resilient nature of the cloud to provide auto-scaling and fault tolerance while also delivering cloud’s “pay-as-you-go” economics.
  • Invest with business outcomes in mind: This means that the first emphasis of all cloud investments should be on the value generated for and the competitive advantage delivered to customers. All spending on cloud should tie directly and measurably to business results.
  • Skill up for the intelligent business cloud: This calls for the hybrid skills that a hybrid cloud world demands. IT architects should think in terms of digital-based platforms that span companies, not just departments. The most valuable talent will be the architect who understands the functions and roles of all the pieces and who knows how they all work together. The more disparate the instances of cloud, the more the organization needs to design and operate a mosaic of “best-in-class” capabilities.

In summary, the intelligent business cloud is an open, scalable and integrated approach to managing the hybrid cloud landscape from a single point, smartly connecting intelligent infrastructure, data, applications and business processes. It will allow trailblazers to deliver “everything as a service,” consume their core business services on demand and respond and innovate faster, at unprecedented scale. Far-sighted IT and business leaders are already envisioning new competitive possibilities and debating how they can connect all of the capabilities required to outperform their competitors in a digital world.

The intelligent business cloud is coming. And the time to get ready is now.

To learn more, download the report: Realizing the potential of the intelligent business cloud.

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