Getting more done, better and faster doesn’t mean adding more people. It means working smart by digitizing your operations. Business Process-as-a-Service is a key component in transforming your firm to an Everything-as-a-Service business model.

In my previous post, I talked about how digital analytics can help you make better business decisions. Digitizing your operating environment through Business Process-as-a-Service can dramatically improve operational performance.

Digitize and automate to transform your firm

By digitizing and automating repetitive, transactional tasks through mini-bots, robotics and artificial intelligence capabilities, you can drive new levels of productivity, improved compliance and quality, and a better user experience.

Accenture’s years of investments in digital technologies helps firms transform their business operations and culture so they can free their teams to work on the strategic projects that matter most and require higher-level analysis, advanced decision-making, innovation―and a human touch.

Get the facts

A few quick facts on the value Accenture can bring to digitizing your business:

  • 2,500 automation solutions are currently deployed across our Global Delivery Network.
  • These operations are equivalent to freeing up more than 12 million manual work hours per year.
  • Accenture’s elite “Tech Masters” team is dedicated to innovating, incubating and executing automation solutions.

In my next post, I’ll share how Accenture has created a foundation for Everything-as-a-Service.

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