Increasing demands to deliver more, better and faster are putting intense pressure on financial services firms. An Everything-as-a-Service model can help your firm deliver more robust services, with greater flexibility, in less time and with fewer resources―so you can stay ahead of the competition.

In my previous posts, I explained that by leveraging digital technology, an Everything-as-a-Service model allows you to glean critical business insights that drive better business decisions while transforming your business environment for greater efficiencies and reduced costs. That Everything-as-a-Service model should rest on an intelligent cloud platform.

The Technology Factor
Source: “The Technology Factor: Accelerating the As-a-Service Journey,” Accenture, 2015. Access at:

Agility, compelling economics, enterprise-grade ruggedness

Accenture’s Intelligent Business Cloud, powered by our Accenture Cloud Platform, offers all the agility and compelling economics the cloud has always promised, along with the kind of enterprise-grade ruggedness that firms have come to expect from traditional enterprise IT.

This platform delivers:

  • Infrastructure-as-a Service
  • Platform-as-a-Service
  • Software-as-a-Service
  • Business Process-as-a-Service

Accenture’s Intelligent Business Cloud provides agile computing on demand, at speed and at scale, with top-tier security and governance infused throughout. Not only that, we have a long history of applying innovation to our clients’ challenges―it’s part of our culture and it’s central to the way we work with customers.

“We have more than 3,500 automation specialists at the ready, dedicated to innovating, incubating and executing automation solutions.” –Shannon Gilbertson, Managing Director Growth & Strategy, Accenture Operations

Fueling innovation through alliances

We’re also proud to have one of the industry’s widest ranges of alliances with market-leading and emerging technology providers that allows us to connect firms with the best ideas, people and solutions. An emerging technology or opportunity should never be missed. Our ecosystem of internal thinkers and external market leaders fuels our culture and creates an innovation engine for our clients.

Here are a few examples of how we work with alliances and our Accenture internal partners to deliver innovative solutions:

  • Crowdsourcing through initiatives such as We@Accenture and “Tech Masters” challenges.
  • Bringing clients fresh insights and the most promising emerging technologies through Accenture’s Technology Labs.
  • Working with more than 400 clients to spark new ideas and arrive at unique solutions.
  • Collaborating with the industry’s widest range of alliances.

Tap into the innovation ecosystem

We invite you to tap into our ecosystem of internal thinkers and external market leaders: our culture of continuous innovation―fueled by internal crowdsourcing, our R&D labs and our industry Centers of Excellence to spark new ideas and power unique solutions.

As you give some thought to transitioning to an Everything-as-a-Service model, take a look at how other enterprises are applying Accenture digital technology to transform their business:

  • Our Intelligent Business Cloud helped a leading global, diversified mining group migrate its main IT systems to the Accenture Cloud Platform and transform to an Everything-as-a-Service, pay-per-use model.1
  • A world leader in market-driven innovation and science is
    exploring the Intelligent Business Cloud as the way to deliver IT as a consumable service, thereby increasing agility and improving its ability to anticipate and deliver.2
  • Accenture is helping one of the largest international natural resource companies mine the Intelligent Business Cloud to build a prototype for a new Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform.3
  • By combining Mortgage Cadence’s technology with the Accenture Best Practices Model for mortgage processing, Accenture Credit Services is delivering stronger controls, improved quality and enhanced customer satisfaction. In this case, we used an analytics-driven workflow for loan origination, processing, underwriting and other loan functions. In addition to improving the customer experience and significantly reducing loan processing costs, lending productivity should be improved by up to 30 percent.4

How can we help you transform your firm?



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