Reengineering the IT operating model—a critical step for firms that want to stay competitive in today’s digitally disrupted marketplace—requires both a process and culture shift. In my previous post, I talked about how thinking like a digital startup and creating an evolving IT service delivery model capable of meeting today’s digital demands were the building blocks for reengineering a firm’s IT operating environment.

Evolving capabilities for an evolving environment

An equally important part of this evolutionary process is creating a workforce strategy that supports a shift to a new operating model. This workforce strategy should be focused on creating or maturing the IT capabilities that are considered most critical to managing a new ecosystem capable of delivering everything-as-a -service. Such capabilities include:

  • Service onboarding. New self-service capabilities are allowing users to choose applications with the help of specialists, driving change in this area. Those who provide support to customers should possess both engineering and business acumen, and able to configure services to meet user needs.
  • Account management. Account managers should be the single point of contact for customers both inside and outside the firm, identifying demands for new services as well as communicating requirements and enhancements back to the service teams.
  • Strategic vendor management. In the collaborative and ever-evolving digital environment, alliances and relationships are continually changing. Vendor managers should maintain ongoing strategic alignment between the organization and its vendor-delivered service requirements.
  • Product management/architecture. As the marketplace becomes more digital and competitive, product managers should blend financial acumen, business domain knowledge, and strategic understanding of current and emerging technologies with disciplined planning practices that balance customer demand with budgetary and strategic decision-making.
  • Strategic planning. In the digital world, strategic planning is fluid. Planners should not only keep pace with change, but also anticipate change and evolve strategy on an ongoing basis. 

Your firm doesn’t have to be a digital startup to lead in today’s cloud-based, everything-as-a-service business environment. By reengineering your existing IT operating model and boosting IT workforce capabilities to support speed and agility, your firm can position itself to compete effectively in a digital marketplace and tap into future innovation to sustain its growth agenda.

For more information on reengineering your IT operating model, please see Reengineering the IT Operating Model to Embrace the Power of the Cloud


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