Here are the top news stories in talent and organization from this week.

The key traits of successful CIOs

Increasing the speed of innovation, understanding the potential of machine learning, and building the right leadership and culture are some of the ways chief information officers (CIOs) are mastering the art of change in the digital era. The recent CIO Decisions conference focused on how to use cloud, automation and other digital tools to connect business strategy with technology.

Women-led tech startups boast workforce gender diversity

According to a survey by FundersClub, tech startups with female founders tend to employ more women than some of the nations’ top tech giants. They reported having a 48 percent female workforce, compared to Google (31 percent female workforce), Facebook (33 percent female workforce) and Uber (36 percent female workforce).

A how-to guide for cloning top talent

The technology is not quite there yet, but there are ways to create a new generation of employees instilled with your best talent’s values. The six key steps to “cloning your best employee” include tips on proper recognition of achievement and how to get them to lead by example.

A new way to assess candidates during an interview

Here’s a creative technique to find out whether a candidate’s individual values are aligned with your organization’s core values: ask a weird question. For Dave Gilboa, Warby Parker co-CEO, “candidates who can poke fun at themselves are preferable to ones who are too serious.”

Build your own financial wellness program for employees

More and more employers are offering their workers financial wellness programs in the workplace. Maximizing current benefits and working with a financial adviser can help you design the right program in-house.

The secret to effective onboarding programs

Many employees decide to stay with an organization during their first 90 days and effective onboarding is key to retaining top talent. One retail bank’s example is inspiring: It cut training time for new employees from one month to eight days.

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