Here are the top news stories in talent and organization from this week.

Millennial entrepreneurs value influence over money

According to the 2017 HSBC Private Bank: Essence of Enterprise, a global survey of entrepreneurs, 23 percent of millennials list influence and having a positive impact on their community as a top business goal. For those over the age of 50, personal autonomy and creating wealth were top goals. “It is important that we understand the challenges faced by the next generation of entrepreneurs so we can support them as they create jobs and economic growth,” said Stuart Parkinson, Chief of Staff of HSBC Private Banking

Google aims to increase workforce diversity

The tech giant Google released a workforce demographics report at the end of June, revealing modest increases in diversity. The company’s female employees now make up 25 percent of leadership positions (up one point), while its overall percentage of Hispanic and African-American employees both increased from three percent to four percent. Google hopes its new diversity chief, Danielle Brown, will move the needle.

Unilever sorts job applicants with AI

Unilever’s new hiring process involves online games and videos applicants can access and submit via their smartphones, after which algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) software filters 60 to 80 percent of the candidates. The AI software uses data points such as how quickly applicants respond to questions, their facial expressions and vocabulary.

Improve corporate culture with seven questions

Duke University Fuqua School of Business surveyed nearly 1,900 CEOs and CFOs, and found that corporate culture was rated as the number one driver of economic business value. There are seven questions every CEO should ask to highlight the importance of culture to achieve business success, such as “Is our culture an asset or liability?”

Digital transformation success in a multi-generational office

By 2020, the overall workforce will consist of four or five generations of employees. The key to leveraging the diverse generations, while achieving seamless digital transformation is creating a culture of inclusion and collaboration. “If I had a workforce of people who could communicate with the elegance of a Baby Boomer, the thoughtfulness of a Gen-Xer, and the speed of a Millennial, that would be perfect,” said Rich Milgram, CEO of Beyond.

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