Hello, I am Nesan Govender, Managing Director in the Accenture Financial Services’ Human Capital practice.  I’m kicking off a series of blogs that take a more in-depth look at the trends discussed in the Accenture 2016 Technology Vision (entitled People First:  The Primacy of People in the Digital Age)  and the impact of these trends on companies in the financial services industry.  In particular, I’ll be exploring the role that the Human Resources function will be playing as a liaison between the business and the workforce, enabling organizations to get ready for a digital world.

In the first series, I will be looking at how HR enables and supports the digital workforce.  This is taking place on many fronts:  How HR is dealing with the accelerated pace of technological change; how HR addresses the concerns and preferences of Millennials as they play a greater role in the workforce; and how HR is helping identify and impart the skills needed in the digital workplace.  Surprisingly, these skills are not always technical; just as often, they involve the ability to quickly learn and adapt to new environments.

As the Technology Vision notes, some companies are gaining a decisive competitive advantage by creating thriving digital corporate cultures.  These cultures are using technology to enable people to constantly adapt and learn, create new solutions, drive change and disrupt the status quo. They don’t seek to simply use more technology—they enable their people to accomplish more with technology.

In my next blog, I will discuss how expectations for businesses to be technologically sophisticated are increasing and how this affects the financial services workforce.

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