As the millions who tune in to the Oscars every year demonstrate, awards matter. They celebrate the achievements of industry leaders and encourage others to realize their own ambitions. But where are the Oscars of banking?

A desire to give our industry the inspiration and celebration it deserves lead to the creation of the Efma-Accenture Distribution & Marketing Innovation Awards.

There is no doubt that banking needs to make changes. Our industry needs to improve its cost-to-income ratio, deliver better performance, and work hard to keep our customers happy. That will mean operating fewer physical branches but offering more digital formats—and making sure those new digital channels are frictionless, simple, and personalized. It will also mean bringing the product to the customer instead of the customer to the product.

Some innovators are already blazing the trail that the rest of the industry will soon follow. Last year in Barcelona we identified and honored our first round of 10 top innovators in categories ranging from salesforce change management to digital marketing to global innovator of the year. As we begin our preparations for this year’s awards, we look back on last year’s winners.

Our industry has come a long way, but we have further to go. Join me next week when I kick off this recap series with a look at the winner of the coveted Global Innovator Award.

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