Banking awards might seem trivial or boring. Yet as we’ve seen in this series, the Efma-Accenture Distribution and Marketing Innovation Awards are anything but.

These awards help us find and publicize the innovations that will determine the future of the industry. We can look to the winners for inspiration, new ideas, and a glimpse of the bank of the future.

That future is based on meeting the customer where they are. CaixaBank, winner of the Global Innovator category, pioneered the first mobile bank in Spain and launched technology allowing customers to bank through Facebook. DBS Bank India won the Digital Distribution category for digibank, a bank that can be accessed end-to-end through a smartphone.

That future will also be agile, with products developed by small teams and groundbreaking technology.

And it will be innovative, with banks seeking to replace boredom with enthusiasm while boosting business results.

But above all, the future of banking is dynamic. If the Efma-Accenture awards prove one thing, it is that the creativity of banks makes predicting what lies ahead for the industry nearly impossible.

That is why this year’s version of the awards will be more exciting than ever. The possibilities for revolutionary ideas are endless.

We hope you can join us next week at the 2017 awards ceremony, which will take place in Rome, Italy on Wednesday, October 25 at 9 am. The full-day ceremony will conclude with two special awards for outstanding innovative achievements. If you can’t make it, please register and attend through our live webcast.

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