Monica Juneja

Managing Director, Talent & Organization Lead

As an MD at Accenture’s Financial Services Talent & Organisation practice in the UK and a qualified Psychologist, Monica has the methodologies, experience and qualifications to support organisations ‘rotating to the new’ to embrace new technologies and processes that empower their workforce and bring fresh thinking to better serve their customers. In an ever-changing digital world, embracing new technologies and new ways of working to best serve customers, staying competitive and thriving, requires re-thinking your workforce ready for the challenges of the future. New technology brings organisational efficiencies, including the potential to enable people to accomplish more value-added work. But this requires a talent strategy focused on the skills and capabilities your future workforce will need and how best to utilise your workforce in an environment where new technologies and processes are being absorbed. The challenge is to create a flexible and agile workforce that can take advantage of human-machine collaboration and align to new operating models.

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