In my previous post, I discussed how Accenture developed its Future Talent Platform in response to the challenges of the New Digital Age. The platform is a flexible, powerful tool that helps Accenture’s workforce stay current and our leaders make wise investments. It’s become the most popular way of learning at Accenture since its launch.

In this post, we’re going to take a closer look at the Learning Boards that really drive the platform.

What is a Learning Board?

In the simplest terms, a learning board is a digital collection of eight to 10 different learning activities built around a common theme. They look like this:

In fact, you could think of simplicity as their key characteristic. Learning Boards are simple to make, simple to access, and simple to use. In this way they are an agile learning tool.

Their other key characteristics are:

  • Any approved curator or expert can build a new one, and the Board can be built of any kind of digital assets—videos, documents, pictures, recorded lectures, and so on. This makes them flexible and quick to make.
  • The Boards aren’t too big. Learning is ‘byte-sized’, to support just-in-time learning.
  • They are social and collaborative—learners can share, follow, and endorse Learning Boards, and track their peers doing the same.
  • The Boards are easy to curate and consume through multiple channels. It’s easy for learners to find the best Boards for them, and to consume them however they wish.
  • They surface personalized analytics and reporting for learners.

Launch and results

Since the launch of the Future Talent Platform, experts and curators at Accenture have published more than 3,500 Learning Boards. These cover more than 300 topics and have attracted millions of visits from the workforce. They also helped us re-skill over 180,000 people in 20 months.

Yet for their undeniable impact, it is important to note that Learning Boards were not the only factor behind the success of the Future Talent Platform. Other key components included:

  • The platform delivery system, built to provide curated content wherever and whenever learners need it.
  • An extensive internal marketing campaign to raise awareness of the new program and its benefits.
  • A series of mobile apps to track and monitor progress.

Future development goals

Like any modern digital tool, the Future Talent Platform, including Learning Boards, is constantly under development. Planned enhancements include:

  • Greater personalization through AI-driven learning recommendations based on the learning history of the user, their peers, and engagement records.
  • More effective collaboration tools through enhanced social learning functionality and gamification.
  • Enhanced curation abilities and simplified workflows, integration with third parties like Google and YouTube, and enhanced assessments.
  • More on-demand functionality.
  • More detailed insights, like dashboards specific to business leaders and curators.

Learning Boards have already played a crucial role in the success of the Future Talent Platform, but I can’t help thinking that their greatest impact—both on Accenture and on the world of work more broadly—is still yet to come.

If you’d like to learn more about Accenture’s story, co-create a digital learning strategy, or leverage some of Accenture’s 3,500 Learning Boards, I’d love to hear from you. I can be contacted here.

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