Remaining competitive with a highly productive workforce means creating an employee experience (EX) that excites and engages. Companies are leveraging their customer experience (CX) playbook, applying customer-centricity principles to their talent management practices to reimagine EX. How are they achieving excellence?

To design and operationalize these experiences, Accenture suggests three steps:

  • Identify areas of value.
  • Define the moments that matter to your workforce.
  • Engage with employees to co-create experiences.

Identify value. Consider the business outcomes you want to achieve—e.g., improved workforce retention, productivity or satisfaction—and prioritize specific workforces based on the value EX can deliver to the business. For example, sales and accounting workforces may both suffer from high attrition, but the sales force has the greatest impact on revenue potential. Also assess whether ongoing changes, such as the implementation of a new sales or ERP system, can serve as a catalyst for redesigning experiences for a particular segment.

Reconsider what matters. Don’t make assumptions—use analytics and insight, internal and external survey data, and social listening to understand the professional and personal moments that will matter most to each segment. Armed with this understanding, you can begin designing hyper-personalized experiences and offering physical, human and digital choices that will empower employees to achieve new productivity goals.

Co-create the experience. Apply customer-centricity techniques such as design thinking to reinvent your EX. Use choice as a key design principle, and engage with employees to co-create the most relevant and valuable experiences. To operationalize these new experiences, take a holistic view and address the physical, technological and cultural dimensions of EX.

Superior EX, like CX excellence, delivers competitive advantage. FS organizations are compelled to adapt rapidly to cater to an increasingly demanding digital customer and a disrupted environment. To succeed in this environment, FS organizations need an agile, loyal and productive workforce equipped with the right tools. A workforce empowered by more relevant, personalized EX will drive better business outcomes.

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