With the rapid adaptation of digital services across most generations, the traditional “branch” has quickly become obsolete.

From Banking to Telcos, Fashion to Beauty, every brand and retailer evangelizes the importance of digital channels in the tech-progressive and tech enabled world we live in.

From online to mobile, the boundaries between product, service and experience have blurred, offering the customer unbridled convenience and choice, while supplying businesses with an ever-increasing arsenal of tools with which to compete. Digital can be measured, analyzed, tweaked and scaled.

Physical is expensive, slow, inconvenient and cumbersome. So how will the physical environment play a part in this new world?

What the physical environment can do – that no digital service can –  is to provide unique in-store experiences that enhance brand engagement.

It’s no wonder that digital-first brands such as Amazon are moving into bricks and mortar environments because they understand the value of the physical space to engage with customers beyond the logical, and build relationships that are NOT based on price or product.

How we perceive and engage with our brands keeps us emotionally connected and wanting to continue those relationships in the products and services that run our lives. With so much competition, brands can no longer rely solely on them but more on the entire brand eco system.

This is achieved importantly through a combination of both digital and physical, working together to drive hyper personalized, engaging customer experiences.

Whether buying a pair of trainers or taking out a mortgage, the familiar choice of mobile, online and store allows us to create the personalized omni-channel customer journeys of our choice.

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