Here at the Talent & Organization Blog for Financial Services (FS), we cover a wide variety of future workforce issues and HR trends. At the end of each year, we like to look back and see which blogs resonated with our readers the most.

We would like to share with you some of our most popular blogs of 2019, in case you missed them when they were first published:

In January, we kicked off a brand new podcast “Talking Agility,” and a companion blog series, which proved to be a favorite among our readership. Elitsa Nacheva, our co-lead for the Agile Practice within T&O, and the host of the podcast, has interviewed dozens of experts in the past year, covering key aspects of enterprise agility in large organizations: what it is, why it matters, and how to achieve it.

In the first episode, our Global FS Talent & Organization Lead Andy Young, explained agility with a simple metaphor: “I’ve got two relatively young children who are learning to ride a bike. Agility is very much like that. It’s doing something new that is quite difficult to start with, but which also requires a combination of two things that almost sound paradoxical when we start: speed and stability. You need to start pedaling to get up to speed to keep going, but you also need to keep balanced.”

Clearly, agility remains a top-of-mind issue for leaders in FS. In addition to the “Talking Agility,” series, our blogs on five statistics and six charts that explain why enterprise agility is a strategic imperative for FS firms, as well as our Ultimate Guide to Enterprise Agility have also received a multitude of visits from readers.

In September, Young underscored how there is no silver bullet in organization design that delivers agility.

“Traditional hierarchical structures limit the extent to which an organization can become agile and these structures often impede unlocking the full human potential of colleagues,” he wrote. “Truly agile banks and insurers are intelligent organizations—they adapt and self-tune to disruption, an evolving strategy and changing market conditions. Our research has identified five common traits of truly intelligent organizations: living, enhanced, modular, liquid and human.”

Dr. Bridie Fanning, our FS Talent & Organization Lead in North America, wrote about the future of work and the new workforce FS firms will need.

“Tomorrow’s financial services workforce will need to be more cross-functional and integrated. Traditional workforce turnover won’t be enough to achieve this,” she wrote in April. “An efficient and effective workforce re-skilling program will soon be “table stakes” for financial services organizations looking to take advantage of cutting-edge tech.”

Luis Díaz Gutiérrez, a global lead for Future Workforce, based in Madrid, Spain, shared three case studies of banks and insurers preparing for the future of work.

“Financial services organizations in the future are going to be completely different businesses and they need to prepare their workforces for that shift,” he wrote. “To do this, firms need the tools and skills to help them reimagine and reshape work, the workplace and the workforce.”

Speaking of the workplace, Nicole Knott, our Global Lead on Digital HR Capability, wrote extensively about the expectations of the future workforce.

“For millennials, workplace culture and technology are two important factors when choosing their future employers. They’re also looking for flexibility, agility, trust and personalization,” she wrote. “Your company’s values, culture and commitment to its people are most visible in the space where they work. What does your workspace say about your company?”

These most popular blogs point to the overarching talent & organization theme of 2019—agility, flexibility and culture.

We look forward to bringing you more news and trends on talent and organization in FS in 2020!

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