Is Finance and Accounting harnessing digital innovation to drive results for your organization?  Often times, we find that while Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) are thinking strategically, innovation does not always permeate the entire Finance function.  In our Finance and Accounting blog series, we will explore the breadth of the CFO agenda and beyond.

For the CFO to execute effectively on the digital innovation agenda, he or she will first need to establish themselves as a true finance leader.  This is the CFO’s entry point to build credibility, maintain control, and have full and timely visibility of the financial position of the organization.  CFOs will need to get their own house in order as they seek to expand the reach of their services. How pervasive is the CFO mindset at every level of your Finance organization?

Next, the CFO will need to export their financial and commercial acumen into the front office to inform profitability and strategic decisions.  Becoming an informed business partner requires extending the reach and influence of Finance across the company – are you ready for the spotlight?

To achieve both mandates, at increasingly swift pace of business, can be challenging.  Harnessing technologies to increase insight and visibility can quickly lead to substantial benefits in the CFO’s areas of responsibility. These unrelenting demands will push the CFO to become more and more fluent in the capabilities of digital technologies and answer key questions like: Where will I deploy those technologies within Finance? What is the economic case for digital across the firm?

I look forward to sharing our insights on these key CFO topics in the months to come.

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