The definition of work—and what work means to us—is changing.

In this new digital age, we’re more connected than ever. Our work is more flexible, and yet also more demanding. We collaborate with colleagues from all over the globe, bringing a range of experiences, perspectives and expectations. We’re becoming an economy of gig workers, as the remote and distributed workforce has become the norm.

Although we have seen these trends emerging over the last few years, the pace of change has never been more urgent; especially during these unprecedented times.

As the line between our professional and personal lives blur, and we are forever ‘logged on’, finding balance and stamina is increasingly difficult for some of us. Finding purpose, increasingly important.

Amid all this rapid change and global disruptionhow can organizations take a truly human approach to work while keeping a focus on the bottom line?

Our reliance on a digitally connected world, one where remote working is the new norm, brings significant opportunities and implicationsto the skills we need, the way we learn, and our relationship with the technologies that fuel our new reality at work.   

Exploring the surprising and consequential answers to these questions is the heart of Human: unlocking workforce potentiala new podcast series from Accenture. I’m your host, Cengiz Besim. 

Human will bring you interviews with industry leadersbehavioural scientists, life coaches, academics and subject matter specialists. They’ll bring their experiences, passion and insights to the table as we dive deep into the future of work.  

We’ll also cover: 

  • How to enable colleagues to work with trust and without fear 
  • What firms can do to empower each of us to bring our full, authentic selves to work every day 
  • How we can create workplace experiences and design work that is meaningful and good 
  • How to build inclusive, high-performing organizations  
  • Our evolving relationship with robots, AI, and machines
  • Approaching automation and reskilling wisely and ethically 
  • The critical skills we need in the race for talent today and tomorrow 

In each episode, you’ll hear me in candid conversation with fascinating guests about work and about being human. We’ll talk about the business value as well as the case for virtue—doing the right thing—across each topic. I’m excited to explore them with you.

In the meantime, listen and subscribe to our preview episode below, or on your favourite podcast platform.

If you have any suggestions for topics or guests for future episodes, please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you and can be reached here. 

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