Thus far in this series, I have defined the concept of artificial intelligence (AIQ), discussed some of the findings from our research into the AIQ of 200 companies, and provided some insights into the leading sectors.

So, how do you boost your AIQ?

In this post, I will touch upon the three key ingredients needed for using AI to its greatest advantage.

Success requires a people-first mindset

We believe that AI is most effective when it is used to enhance the work that people do, and when it improves the way people interact. AI also presents the opportunity for business transformation by creating intelligent processes in the value chain and intelligent products and services in the market.

AI offers its greatest value by augmenting the work that people do and improving the way they consume and interact with their communities.

For these reasons, commitment to developing AIQ and building an intelligent business should come from CEOs. They alone can lead the organizational, cultural and business model changes that AI demands. CEOs should put AI at the heart of organizational strategy and put AIQ to work by harnessing three key factors:

  • Technology for growth
    • Focus solutions on growth, not just efficiencies.
    • Create AI that amplifies the skills of your people.
    • Integrate your AI technologies with internal and external systems.
  • Data that creates value
    • Partner with companies that turn your data into new revenue.
    • Integrate AI and data with your legacy systems.
    • Practice “responsible AI.”
  • People first
    • Reskill your workforce to stay ahead of automation.
    • Offer continuous on-the-job training to keep your people relevant.
    • Have your leaders properly manage diverse teams.
t is for technology for growth, d is for data that creates value, p is for people first
Source: Boost Your AIQ—Transforming into an AI Business, Accenture 2017.

CEOs are likely to find that progress depends on working within complex ecosystems of partners to unlock trapped value in all three. This is because the ability to integrate technologies, converge data sets and secure diverse talents will determine “success.”

In my next post, I will take a closer look at each of these key ingredients for AIQ.

For more information, access the full Boost Your AIQ—Transforming into an AI Business report.


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