Digital marketing in banking has evolved beyond recognition in recent years, as banks step up to seize the opportunities presented by all types of digital media, including social networks. The dramatic progress being made by the leaders is showcased in the Banking Innovation Awards run by Accenture and Efma, through the award for “Digital Marketing and Communication”.

This category looks at the full gamut of digital marketing innovations – ranging from those aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the marketing funnel, through to rethinking how to reach and market to customers through digital channels. Common objectives include increasing awareness of the bank among existing and prospective customers and boosting contact-to-sales conversion rates.

I’m delighted to say that some of the most powerful and innovative initiatives in digital marketing are now going further, by looking to reflect and promote the bank’s core values and social purpose. It comes to down to trying to make a positive difference through digital marketing. And this is certainly the case with Brazil-based Bradesco Bank, this year’s winner.

Bradesco clinched the award with its ground-breaking Firefly campaign, inspired by a desire to reinforce its commitment to diversity and inclusion regardless of color, race, creed or gender. To help get this message across, Bradesco used the emotional power of video storytelling at the most resonant and inclusive time of the year: Christmas.

The animated film at the heart of the campaign tells the story of a firefly that goes from the countryside to the city in pursuit of its dream – but finds itself overshadowed by a cold and unwelcoming world. With characters representing a mix of ethnicities, genders, social classes and disabilities, the film shows how goodwill and inclusion can overcome discrimination, all set to a soundtrack that includes a version of Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful” recorded by famous drag queen artist Gloria Groove. If you haven’t seen it yet, I urge you to take a look.

Shown during prime-time on Brazil’s biggest TV broadcaster and on YouTube, the video rapidly became the most viewed commercial in history on YouTube Brazil – underlining why it’s a worthy winner of the award.

The Silver award in this category went to CaixaBank of Spain for its Adobe campaign focused on the use of rich customer data, and Bronze was awarded to Germany’s Frankfurter Sparkasse for its people-centric “Friends in banks” campaign.

In my next blog, I’ll look at the Banking Innovation Awards’ Offering Innovation category.

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