Advances in recent years mean technology is no longer simply a supplement for contact centres: properly deployed, it is a key facilitator of an organisation’s cross-channel approach to customer engagement.

In addition, the fear that technology can replace humans is not borne out. Instead, technology is reshaping contact centre staff’s roles by integrating machine efficiency with human insight and empathy. It’s what we at Accenture call Human-Plus. 

Using intelligent collaboration to transform contact centres can do far more than simply meet ever-rising customer expectations. Done right, it helps lower costs, and boost efficiencies. 

Not only that, a Human-Plus approach can assist in raising staff satisfaction by making their roles more rewarding. Ironically, our research shows that is something most employees fully graspyet their bosses do not.

Around the world, many organisations have transformed their contact centres by adopting a Human-Plus approach. If you would like to know more about the contact centre of the future today, click here to register and download our new paper, “Finding Your Superpower: Intelligent Collaboration in Service Transformation”.

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