The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic drives radical workplace change. How can businesses adapt? Accenture’s elastic digital workplace concept offers some guidelines. 

The first step to building on your core workplace experience and creating an extensible environment that allows you to quickly scale and dynamically adapt to changing business needs based on global and local conditions is a workplace assessment. 

While many organizations have some form of remote working environment, most have never conducted a full remote worker business continuity test, much less developed the culture, technology, communication and policies that will have to work together nearly simultaneously in today’s global context.  

Here are five quick questions to ask to assess your capabilities: 

  • How prepared is your organization to equip your employees to work effectively from remote locations?  
  • Do you have a team dedicated to encouraging people to adopt collaboration tools?  
  • Do you provide clear guidance to your remote workers on home office/network setup and troubleshooting?  
  • Do you have a clear mobile device and application strategy that provides your employees clear guidelines on using personal (and company owned) devices?  
  • Do you have collaboration solutions that seamlessly and securely connect with your customers and strategic partners? 

Accenture’s Elastic Digital Workplace roadmap outlines six dimensions which have proven effective in quickly transitioning to a remote workplace environment:

  • Culture and Adoption. Provide technology and environment optimizations for enabling effective remote working and activate communications plan to provide policy guidance both internally and externally. 
  • Elastic Collaboration. Rapidly deploy collaboration tools across the organization and build bridges with your customers, partners and suppliers. 
  • Virtual Work Environment. Evaluate network, accelerate device deployment, and leverage virtual environments to support increased mobile demand. 
  • Seamless Networking. Enable reliable and secure remote network connectivity to employees homes and seamless integration with customers and partners. 
  • Distributed Continuity. Enhance business continuity plans to include reduction in workforce, travel restrictions and large scale remote working environments. 
  • Adaptive Security. Leverage exception-based processes, expand zero trust network access approach, and automate with endpoint management detection and response. 

Join me tomorrow as I expand on key practices. 

For more on creating an Elastic Digital Workforce click here. If you need assistance ramping up your COVID-19 workforce response, please get in touch with me—Accenture has a rapid enablement offering that can help your organization become more productive rapidly. 

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