To remain relevant and competitive today, organizations must continuously react to market forces, change course and reinvent themselves. This presents a real opportunity for Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs) to step forward and shake up the status quo. By investing in change and fundamentally changing what HR does they can achieve two things: help build a high-velocity workforce and elevate the role of HR within the business.

An empowered, relevant workforce

A high-velocity workforce is responsive and adaptive. It is agile, relevant, empowered … capable of supporting a high-velocity business and driving change in a disruption-fueled environment. How are CHROs achieving this? What are they investing in?

Three things:

  • Workforce-related insights to guide strategic transformations
  • Tailored employee experiences that attract, develop and retain top talent
  • Renewed talent and organizational capabilities to drive new levels of productivity

Leaning in to take a leading role in shaping the business strategy and propel change also presents the CHRO and the HR practice with another valuable opportunity:  securing a seat at the table as a driver and actionary rather than a reactor and enabler of business.

Leaning in

The CHRO’s change role is a critical one. Join me over the next few weeks as I take a closer look at three areas of focus as CHRO’s turn their efforts to building the capabilities, the culture, and the future workforce organizations need for agility and growth in a digital environment. Next week: why obsessing about data is a good thing.

Meantime, for more insight on this topic, read Accenture’s recent point of view, HR Sparks Change Reaction.

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