By Adam Asch, Associate Director, Accenture SolutionsIQ, Growth Markets Practice Lead

In the digital age, businesses must become truly agile. What does that mean? It means they can respond immediately to every change. Most of the time, a truly agile business can deliver value regardless of evolving market conditions or customer demands.  

Although many businesses believe they meet the bar, and while some actually have applied agile strategies, the fact is that very few are truly agile. That is worrying, not least because their confidence in their resilience and adaptability is misplaced.  

Turning that around requires that businesses assess how near or far they are from being truly agile, and then work to close the gap. The good news is that succeeding in this is not as hard as it might sound. 

Success starts by recognising what ‘value’ is, then defining how best to measure it and then making effective change based on those metrics. Once businesses know how to measure what matters, they are well on their way to achieving business agility. 

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